mimosa—studio is a small multi-disciplined creative studio, working within the fields of art production and publications, textile consultancy and design. mimosa—studio is associated with a range of wonderful colleagues at weaving and spinning mills, education institutions, printing houses and small, independent design studios that Karoline Bakken Lund loves to collaborate with. mimosa—studio creates printed matter, occasional illustration and pattern development, lectures and workshops as well as source materials and production opportunities, strongly rooted in local and historical production values


mimosa—studio is also an atelier and design studio space located in central Oslo



mimosa—studio selected work current projects: Exhibition and catalogue design for artist Pedro Gómez-Egaña and his upcoming art installation for the newly opened Deichman library in Bjørvika + illustration and book design for PLUKK blomster / Marie Sofie Nesset with photographer Anne Valeur and publisher Aschehoug
(2021) PLUKK BLOMSTER Illustration work sample for flower book Commissioned by Aschehoug

photo: Rauma Ull

detail from the loom at Innvik / Kvadrat weaving Mill

(2018) ANN IREN BUAN — Around Us Surround Us Artist book & museum catalogue, The Vigeland Museum Portraying the pastels work of the Norwegian artist Ann Iren Buan´s earlier work and documentation of her largest solo exhibition to date, at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo. She wanted a hybrid between an artist book and an exhibition catalogue. Made in collaboration with Thea Urdal and published by Uten Tittel. Details — 120 pages — 4 color layer screen print dust cover with her name embossed produced locall in Oslo — Japanese double pages, placed centered in the book, as a distinct section of documented works from the solo exhibition — Colors used in the book have been picked directly from her art work, from soft pinks to dark, almost black greens, bringing light and atmosphere. — Matte paper chosen to reference the paper she uses in her own work

Around Us Surround Us by Ann Iren Buan is an artist book published by Uten Tittel in 2018. Ann Iren Buan is a contemporary Norwegian artist working in primarily in sculpture and works on paper. This book is a comprehensive look into the artist’s work, published on the occasion of the Ann Iren Buan’s exhibition at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo, Norway. Ann Iren Buan works with paper, pigment, mesh wire and leather straps to create large scale sculptures which center around themes of fragility, interiority, revealing and concealment. The book includes photographs of Buan’s work, both of details and installation views as well as an interview with the artist. The book also contains texts by Line Ulekleiv, Thomas Phongsathorn, Eivind Hofstad Evjemo and Jarle Strømodden. This artist book is in Norwegian with English translations.


Around Us Surround Us is published by Uten Tittel (Not Yet Titled Press) which began in 2016 and is now one of the leading publishers for visual art and culture in Norway.

(2018) MORTON SUBOTNICK PERFORMANCE Poster and type development Silk screen printed poster made for Morton Subotnick performance of his historical composition; Silver Apples of the Moon fra 1967 and A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur from1978. Commissioned by curator Lars Mørch Finborud. We wanted to create a visual that emulated Subotnicks infamous sound rig, the Buchla 100 Modular Synthesizer. Made in collaboration with Thea Urdal Details — silk screen printed by Kjetil Brandsdal — 50 x 70 cm — 3 color layer screen print on charcoal colored cardboard — electric blue, glossy black and matte white
(2018-19) MIMOSA—STUDIO BLANKET From illustration to prototype Woolen blanket prototype made at the wonderful Innvik / Kvadrat weaving mill, in a 2 color warp / 2 color weft double layered jaquard pattern based on my own illustrations. The blanket is woven in a 100% fine wool spun in Italy.
(2016) LOKAL KOLONIAL Illustration — a study of seasonal greens Illustrations for window display and printed matter for eco-store Lokal Kolonial, comissoned by Thale Håmo

photo: Joakim Heltne

photo: Epilogue

— details of sketches before digitalization
(2015-dd) LILLUNN / LILLUNN SPORT Logo development, visual identity and art direction Hand drawn logo based on the original logo from the early 50s. Art direction, printed hang tags and woven care labels for various jackets and blankets for Lillunn — a local brand that offers a range of iconic outerwear in 100% pure new Norwegian lambswool. Comissioned by Elisabeth Stray Pederesen. About the brand: Lillunn was founded in 1953 by Norwegian designer Unn Søiland Dale. She made high quality garments from wool blankets, and was inspired by the traditions on cruise lines, like Hurtigruten, to use blankets to stay warm on deck. Beginning her fashion career in Paris, founder Unn Søiland Dale lead Lillunn to collaborate with french fashion houses like Dior and Givenchy in the 80s, as well as designing iconic knits like Eskimo and Marius. The collections of Lillunn have been unique and successful across borders for more than 50 years and her best designs are still in our collections. Lillunn value the unique knowledge and quality they have obtained through generations, and believe keeping sampling and production inhouse is the way to keep this intact. Lillunn still produce garments and blankets in norwegian lambswool. We continue the traditions with a modern take.
(2015) F5 CONCEPT STORE Logo development & visual identity Based on a wonderful friendship with the 3 brothers Martin, Alex and Benjamin there was no challenge to make a new visual profile for their heartfelt boutique and community for Norwegian design. F5 is an independent, family run concept store, focusing exclusively on Norwegian design, both established and upcoming brands.
CLIENTS In my design practice I´ve been fortunate enough to handpick the people and projects that I worked with and for, such as: Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Ann Iren Buan, The Vigeland Museum & Uten Tittel, ANTI — A new type of Interference, Black Box Teater, Constance Tenvik/ Kvadrat textile, Epilogue, F5 Concept Store, Henie Onstad Art Center, Krivi Weaving Mill, Kunstnernes Hus & Litteraturhuset, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Lillunn / ESP, Michael Olestad, Muralverkstedet / Irma Salo Jæger, SOFI — School of Fashion Indusrty, Nora Collective, Rauma Ullvarefabrikk, TrAP (Transnational Art Production) and Økologisk Norge
Thank you for your time! Hope to hear from you / POSSIBILITES & SERVICES: Art Direction Brand Identity Editorial design / printed matter Illustration (digital and hand drawn) Packaging Design Strategy Sustainable material and production sourcing