Sculptural work by 


for Harald Beharies UNDERSANG
Co-producers. Black Box Teater(Oslo) BIT (Bergen) Rosendal Teater (Trondheim) RAS (Sandnes) TOU (Stavanger)


Sculptural work

in collaboration with Harald Beharie. Premiere + tour: TBA

Undersang (NO + TBA)  
Batty Bwoy (SE, CH, IT, NO, DK +++)  
Afterlife (SE, DK, UK, RO +++ ) 


video for Sanna Helena Berger's Original composition and sonic space
"Sonata" by Bruce Lund 

Cherche Encore, 2021


A movement is a 10 piece suite. 5 original compositions by Sanna Helena Berger and 5 interpretations by artists Ewa Awe, Hoyah, Alise Sofie Rainer, Matilda Tjäder and Berger herself. 

The movement grows with the corresponding videos which score the sounds with gestures and choreography by Veronica Bruce and Karoline Bakke Lund, Efva Lilja, Shade Théret, Mikhail Baryshnikov sampled and Berger herself. Attempting to connect all 10 sounds and visuals not only by text but by interpretative actions. The original 5 piece composition topically dealt with the pause. The in-between sound, the orchestral warm-up, the audible prelude to a performance. An ode to sounds which are not the “central sound”, but the unsorted sounds around and in between the centre. As a movement, these are works which do not only encompass sound. This is an album which is audible, visual and textual —  A movement. Something moving, changing, pitching up and down, as an audible tempo and as a physical form. Momentum building.

video and visual landscape by Bruce Lund

performer Veronica Bruce

film assistance Maria Hilde

Released by Cherche Encore, 2021
︎︎︎ cherche-encore.bandcamp.com/album/a-movement