Sculptural work by 


for Harald Beharies UNDERSANG
Co-producers. Black Box Teater(Oslo) BIT (Bergen) Rosendal Teater (Trondheim) RAS (Sandnes) TOU (Stavanger)


Sculptural work

in collaboration with Harald Beharie. Premiere + tour: TBA

Undersang (NO + TBA)  
Batty Bwoy (SE, CH, IT, NO, DK +++)  
Afterlife (SE, DK, UK, RO +++ ) 

PH / graphic design:  Karoline Bakken Lund 



sosial sculptural work and costume 

NOVEMBER 7-11 2019 Dansens Hus, Oslo
RAS, Sandnes November 14 2019

performative piece by the contemporary dancers Louis Schou-Hansen and Harald Beharie, visual collaboration with Karoline Bakken Lund. Dramaturgically the piece is a hybrid between a performance and sculptural installation.

At Dansens Hus Shine Utopians manifested as a four-day occupation of the theater, also including seminars, concerts, parties, screenings, and other social events.

Audiences entered a space as if they are guests visiting a strange community, nothing in the space is hidden, everything is already there and visible. Audiences experience the 13 performers inhabiting the theater, engaging in ways of communicating, navigating various physical practices and everyday gestures, all while trying to practice a collective care for each other, the space, and their visitors. The project explores ways of spending time together, thinking of the body as a fluid entity, never manifesting as something to be defined.

House rules:
 no racism no homophobia no transphobia no sexism

The project was nominated for the norwegian Critics Association Prize 2020.

PH: Karoline Bakken Lund 

PH: Thale Hendnes 

Choreography & direction Harald Beharie & Louis Schou-Hansen

Visual lanscape, sculpture and costumes  Karoline Bakken Lund 

Soundtrack Torbjørn Kolbeinsen
Sound design / tech Jens Ole Bjerkan
Performers Irene Vesterhuus Theisen, Amie K. Mbye, Elise Nohr Nystad, Hans-Petter Rode, Magnus Spaarsaas, Christin B. Jørstad, Anne Panda Gjems Rudi, Heidi Steen Jensen, Torbjørn Kolbeinsen, Davvet Bruun-Solbakk, Guro Ørbech Olsen, Harald Beharie & Louis Schou-Hansen

Thank you + supported by:

Norwegian Art council, Fond for lyd og bilde, FFUK, Sandnes Kommune, Oslo Kommune and Danseinformasjonen